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Are there any problems following surgery?

Most operations require a full anaesthetic and before carrying out a full anaesthetic a consultant anaesthetist will make sure that you are fit. The anaesthetic is extremely light and therefore very safe, many of these procedures are carried out for principally cosmetic reasons and if there is any doubt about your fitness for anaesthesia the operation will be postponed.

Some patients suffer more bruising than others and some patients take longer for the bruising to clear. Extensive bruising is not really a problem but it will delay your recovery by an extra few days.

Many tiny incisions are made on the leg which heal without leaving scars and occasionally a small area of altered sensation occurs around these. These areas usually resolve completely, patients may however be aware of a strange sensation immediately after the surgery over small areas on the leg but this usually settles very quickly without any further treatment.

Can these wounds get infected?

It is extremely rare for these wounds to become infected, even the wounds in the groin heal without any difficulty. If any of the wounds do become red and angry patients should let us know immediately and we will treat it with an antibiotic.

Will I get a good result?

All patients notice a marked improvement in their symptoms, the aching improves and the appearance of the legs improves dramatically. The final appearance will depend on how extensive your veins were in the first place and how keen you are to have all the surface veins treated. It is possible to produce an excellent cosmetic and functional result.

Will they come back?

Following our new non-invasive scans and improved operating techniques, the chances of the veins recurring is extremely small, however, occasionally a small surface vein may appear but this responds to a simple injection. If you do notice any veins you are encouraged to return to see if any further treatment is indicated, although fortunately this is extremely rare.

Can I swim?

Following the operation patients can remove the stockings every day to have a shower but should not bath or swim for ten days. By ten days the wounds are fully healed and you can swim.

When can I drive a car?

As soon as your legs feel comfortable, but usually within hours of having surgery.