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How is the area dressed following treatment?

Bandages are applied to put pressure on the injection sites and should be firm, though never uncomfortably tight. They can be removed along with the cotton wool rolls 4-6 hours following treatment, please bring them back for your next treatment. It is helpful if you roll them up and should you have trouble removing traces of sticky tape from your skin, ZOFF (adhesive remover) is available from pharmacies.

Should I exercise after treatment?

After treatment you should remain active, avoid lying around and take regular walks.

How soon can I bathe after treatment?

You can shower once you have removed the bandages however avoid baths for 24 hours as this may make the injection sites soggy.

Will I experience any pain and bruising afterwards?

You may experience aching or pain during the evening after your treatment, if this occurs take a mild analgesic e.g. Panadol to alleviate this. If you are not walking around, sit with legs elevated where possible. You will have marks/bruises around the injection sites for several days. The vessels that have been treated may feel tender and look darker than before for several weeks following treatment, this is an indication that treatment has been successful and will settle with time.

Is there a risk of infection post treatment?

Sometimes after treatment the bandages can rub on the injection site causing a local infection, if any of the injection sites become red or throb, please let us know. You can contact us or your General Practitioner as it may be necessary to give you antibiotics.