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IPL Treatment

What is IPL?

It is a new form of treatment that has become available over the last four years. Using high intensity light which is filtered to a very narrow wavelength, it heats up and destroy the blood vessels. The device is safer than the laser and does not produce scarring and can be used on the face and legs for treating spider veins but sometimes it is necessary to treat the area more than once. After you have received treatment you may look as though you have been in the sun with reddened skin, the redness disappears rapidly along with the underlying flares. It is necessary to repeat the treatment until a good cosmetic result is achieved.

Can anybody have IPL treatment?

IPL treatment works best in patients who have already had a treatment for underlying superficial venous insufficiency and works very well on the face and on the legs in patients who no longer have proper varicose veins. To get the best results you should avoid exposure to the sun for three months prior to treatment, the paler the skin, the more effective the treatment.

Can I have more than one form of treatment?

We commonly use IPL in association with microsclerotherapy to produce a rapid and effective result.

Can IPL be used for other skin conditions?

IPL is currently being used for treating other skin lesions made up from blood vessels and also being used to remove tattoos.

Are there any new developments?

We have an active research unit currently looking at many aspects of vein related problems and are committed to improving both diagnostic and treatment techniques.