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Do I have a Claim?

Your solicitor is the only person who can advise you. To do that he will need to know the circumstances of the claim and take advice from a clinical expert.
Simple case overviews, preliminary case assessments or full reports suitable for disclosure can be provided.

How do I find a solicitor?

You can approach your family solicitor who will then probably want to refer you to a larger firm of solicitors specialising in clinical negligence. We can assist with the contact details of solicitors specialising in clinical negligence or personal injury work in your area.

How much will it cost?

Many firms of solicitors and some experts offer free advice in the initial stages. In a case with significant merits it may be possible to defer the fees until the end of the case. Some solicitors will work on the CFA basis which means if you do not win the case you do not pay anything. If you do win then you are at risk of losing some of your reward.


Mediation is increasingly popular. It is an opportunity for the two sides to get together at an early stage and come out with what may be seen as a compromise solution but with benefits to both sides and considerably less emotional trauma.