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Foam Sclerotherapy

At John Scurr we are now able to offer foam sclerotherapy under ultrasound control as a possible alternative to surgical treatment. It is still important to have an non-invasive ultrasound imaging assessment before surgery. Varicose veins filled from large incompetent perforating veins are still better treated surgically however moderate sized varicose veins, in particular veins that are not connected to the deep systems, can be treated very effectively using foam. Foam treatments have been available for a long time and recent advances have introduced the use of ultrasound to place the foam more accurately.

The treatments take about half an hour and depending on the number and size of the veins you may require two or three treatments. Once the bigger veins are under control, the smaller veins can be treated using standard microsclerotherapy. Some patients are ideally suited to this method of treatment as it saves on admission to hospital, avoiding anaesthetic. The final result may take longer to achieve and some tenderness over the veins lasting anything up to three or four months may also occur.

Combined Surgery and Foam Ultrasound Sclerotherapy

Patients with very prominent varicose veins or large leaks between the deep and superficial systems are best treated using this combination. Surgery is designed to seal the leaks and removes the very large veins, the foam sclerotherapy can be used to remove the rest of the medium sized veins leaving
microsclerotherapy to remove the very small veins.


Do not embark upon this form of treatment without a proper assessment. Beware of claims which say that this is a complete alternative to surgical treatment, remember that this is still a relatively new form of treatment and the recurrence rates are still unknown. It is for this reason that you may have difficulty claiming the cost of foam sclerotherapy back from your insurance company.