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Pine Bark Extract has proven to be effective in reducing capillary permeability, promoting blood flow and reducing the blood’s ability to clot. Ginger has similar anti-clotting properties and is a very useful anti-emetic, ideal for travel sickness.

Zinopin is a neutra pharmaceutical developed by John Scurr and is specifically aimed at reducing the risk of travel thrombosis and improving minor venous symptoms. John Scurr has shown Zinopin to have anti-thrombotic properties as well as venotonic properties and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

This supplement has been designed for travellers to take, particularly travellers undertaking longhaul flights or long journeys. Studies suggest that it reduces leg swelling and promotes blood flow with strong scientific evidence to suggest that it is more effective than Aspirin in preventing blood clots. Studies are currently underway to confirm this and that it is well tolerated and a very effective anti travel sickness supplement.

For more information or to order Zinopin simply go to www.jsmedicalsupplies.co.uk