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A hernia is a very common condition; it is the inside trying to get out. Hernias can occur around the umbilicus or in the groin, the most common hernia is an inguinal hernia occurring in the inguinal region. The next common form of hernia is a femoral hernia occurring alongside the femoral artery, again in the groin. Para-umbilical hernias occur at the umbilicus and mid-line hernias which are sometimes associated with previous incisions, called incisional hernias.

Hernias can get stuck if they contain bowel, the bowel becomes obstructed and then strangulate.

People with hernias are usually advised to have them repaired, the most effective repairs now involving the insertion of a mesh. The mesh acts like a scaffolding and allows the interior abdominal wall to heal soundly.

We employ all the best techniques for repairing hernias, all of them require some form of anaesthetic, either local or general. The hernias can be repaired using a mini-incision or a true keyhole technique, the treatment will depend on where the hernia is and often how large it is. Following a hernia repair it takes 6 weeks for the tissues to become fully healed. During the 6 week period it is possible to drive a car, take light exercise and resume normal lightweight activities.