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Haemorrhoids, or ‘Piles’ as they are sometimes known as, are often associated with passing blood through the rectum or more unusually can be associated with a prolapsing lump. People can suffer with internal piles or external piles, and often the presence of Piles causes other peri-anal symptoms including acute pain and itching.

All patients presenting with any of these signs and symptoms that suggest piles are the issue, are investigated thoroughly before a decision on treatment is made. These investigations will usually include an examination of the large bowel, to exclude other more serious causes. We offer all forms of treatment from injecting the haemorrhoids, banding the haemorrhoids or physically removing them.

If there are underlying problems such as a fissure or skin tag, these can be dealt with at the same time. We currently use the least invasive techniques possible to minimise any discomfort, allowing our patients to be able to return to work within a few days.