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Medico Legal Claims

Whilst the majority of clinical interventions result in a very satisfactory outcome, a few cases do not. In the majority of cases where a patient is dissatisfied the reason for this dissatisfaction may simply be a failure to understand the procedure or the lack of appropriate advice. Very few people start a medico- legal claim with the sole purpose of obtaining large sums of money.

It has been possible to identify patients with a significant claim and in some cases claims where the patient has suffered a life altering experience.
The first step in conducting a medico-legal case may be to obtain advice from a solicitor. Many solicitors are now experts in this area and will know who to instruct. We are approached on a regular basis by people who are concerned about the validity of a claim and we are in a position to advise both on the validity of the claim and on the solicitor who can manage the case.

We are in a position to provide a simple case analysis which will identify the merits of the case and point a solicitor in the right direction. More detailed reports can be provided which are suitable for solicitors issuing proceedings.

John Scurr has had considerable experience in the preparation of all forms of reports, both clinical negligence and personal injury. He has appeared in Court on many occasions and many cases have been seen as highly successful. In some instances a successful case may not involve the Court at all but will involve a satisfactory resolution at an early stage.

John Scurr trained as a mediator and is in a position to offer advice.