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Our Team

John Scurr is a world-leading Consultant Surgeon for Vascular and General Surgery with a specific
interest in venous disorders, including deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Mr. Scurr began as
a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at University College and Middlesex Hospital School of Medicine, and later became a Senior Lecturer in Surgery at the University of London and head of the Department of Vascular

He is widely published in medical periodicals and textbooks and Mr Scurr is a frequent presenter at international conferences. He is regularly called upon by the world’s media for his expertise, and has participated on a number of UK and EU government medical bodies and think-tanks.

Mr Scurr takes a personal interest in all our patients and leads a dedicated team of medical staff. With
the exception of surgery, treatments are carried out by our team of fully qualified nurses, all of whom
have been through a comprehensive and rigorous training program. They are supervised by
experienced medical practitioners who are ultimately responsible for the treatment.