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Welcome to the John Scurr Medical Practice

John Scurr and Philip Coleridge Smith have now joined forces to provide a comprehensive service for the treatment of all vein problems including varicose veins, thread veins and recurrent varicose veins at the

British Vein Institute: phone 020 7730 9563. Appointments@adsum.uk.com.

The John Scurr Practice has a team of experienced and committed medical professionals dedicated to the well-being of all our patients. Our services include the diagnosis and treatment of circulatory problems, ranging from mild cosmetic blemishes to significant varicose veins and more serious underlying circulatory problems.

For an initial conversation concerning general surgical treatments, free travel clinic consultation or to make an appointment, please contact us on +44 7787 124263 or +44 7770 580013. You can also contact us by email at jscurr@uk-consultants.co.uk